Teamwork Works is a campaign driven by National Disability Services (NDS), to keep the NDIS strong. 

The NDIS is a great social reform that was driven by people with disability and the providers who support them.

Where services had been scarce, now people with disability have the right to plan their own support and build a team around them.

But now the scheme is at a cross-roads, with pressures to cut access and support levels.

The Teamwork Works campaign is calling on all parties contesting the election to commit to:

  • Proper Planning – so people with disability have the resources they need to build the right team for them.
  • Fair and Independent Pricing – so providers can deliver the services people with disability need.
  • Genuine Partnership – a real commitment from the Federal Government to work with participants and providers to build a scheme that delivers long-term support.

Scroll down to read the Per Capita Report, False Economy and find out more about why a strong NDIS is crucial for people with disability, the broader community and the economy.

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Man with disability, removing baking from the oven, with supporter
Item 1

The NDIS supports more than 450,000 Australians with disability, but this has a flow-on benefit to all Australians...

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Item 2

For every dollar spent on the NDIS, the scheme delivers $2.25 to the broader Australian economy.

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Item 3

In 2020-21 the NDIS will generate $52.4 billion in value to the broader economy.

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Item 4

The NDIS employs 270,000 Australians directly, with a large proportion of female workers.

Item 5

For every $1 billion the Federal Government cuts from the scheme, 10,200 jobs are lost.

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Download the full report

Read the full economic report by Per Capita, False Economy: The economic benefits of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and the consequences of government cost-cutting.