Rogers’ Team

Find out more about Rogers and how he draws on support from his team to live his best life.

Rogers close up, with a supporter

Rogers experiences bouts of short-term memory loss as a result of a previous medical infection. He arrived at Rise in February 2021 and has been staying in their supported independent living accommodation while he works to improve his memory. 

Many areas of Rogers’ daily life, such as cooking and booking appointments, rely on memory. Knowing that he can draw on day-to-day support from his team gives him more control when he’s organising his schedule, exercising, shopping, or doing other activities.

Lovena with Rogers at table with computer


Senior Admin Support

Rogers has Lovena’s support when it comes to crossing things off his to-do list – such as buying phone credit, scheduling appointments, and other administration tasks. 

“I often play a musical instrument while Rogers dances.”

Rebecca and Rogers celebrating with a hi five!


Support Worker

There are few things that Rogers loves more than cooking and sport. With Rebecca on his team, Rogers gets support with following recipes, grabbing ingredients, and other activities in the kitchen or around the house. This leaves him with extra time to chat with Rebecca about his other favourite team – the West Coast Eagles! 

“Rogers and I get along so well because we both love sport – he’s a huge West Coast Eagles fan.” 

Rogers with Nelson standing together outdoorss


Support Worker

Whenever Rogers is out and about in the community, he can reach out to Nelson, the real Mr. Community, if he wants any support with running errands, buying groceries, or going for a walk in the park.

“We do heaps of outdoors stuff together – Rogers calls me Mr. Community.” 

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